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He holds me steady when I’m not.

“I love you baby, but I will straight up shoot you in the face if you turn zombie on me.
You go zombie, I don’t know you.”

10653331_651007085014334_4871181397178836146_n   THIS.

10653312_10203904244342418_7961275568280277730_n  He goes out of his way to surprise me with simple things…

Dancing in the kitchen.
‘Nuff said.

tractor“He put the country back in me…”

Getch’er minds out of the gutter!  hmm…maybe that was just me.  ;)

Seriously though, I’d gotten away from my roots and my old appreciation for simpler ways, simpler times, honest values, chivalry, hospitality, sitting around a fire, songs about trains, lightnin’ bugs, watching the sun rise, crisp morning air, peein’ outside…  You notice so  much good stuff in the country.  I remember now how uncomplicated my life used to be.  I want that again.  With him.  With them.

He’s got the sexiest southern drawl… and he calls me baby.

He and his daughter taught me to play Rock Paper Scissors.  :)

I wish English had a phrase like this…


‘Lo siento’ or ‘siento’

comes from the verb sentir (to feel or to sense)

It roughly translates to “I’m sorry” in English, but literally means, I feel or sense it. Can express regret as well.

I would much rather be able to say to someone hurting, “I feel you, my heart is with you, I sense your pain, and I regret the cause.” in one beautiful short meaningful phrase than our awkward, obligatory, and vague, “I’m sorry”.

We need a new word for that. Or we need to teach everyone Spanish.

I’m really uninhibited around him, like we’re really good old friends…but then there’s all this passion and power, magic and synchronicity that happens around him. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I feel precious to him. We feel sacred.


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