AfFORMations and the Law of Attraction

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A couple of weeks ago I was having an instant messaging conversation with a friend of mine in Oklahoma and was trying to find a link to the Secret/LOA on a video for him so he could check it out. On Youtube I found this guy who has his own website and his own concept, which he calls “AfFORMations” ( His take is that when we “affirm” something to ourselves, it may or may not take, based on our beliefs about the actual possibility of that particular event or feeling happening to us. He believes that the universe is always waiting for us to ask the right questions so they can bring us the answers.
I did an exercise on this that night and it’s been really interesting. I wrote two pages of questions, phrased in his format. Here are some examples…

Why do I love and accept myself so completely?
Why do all my friends love me?
Why do I attract to me the people I am able to help?
Why do I inspire growth and self-love in myself and other people?
Why do I trust myself?
Why do I feel so peaceful?
Why did my boss change his mind about letting me work from home?
Why am I so good to myself?
Why am I so happy to go to work?
Why do I honor myself so readily?
Why is my true calling coming to me?
Why do I have all this extra time and freedom to do what I want to do?
Where is all this MONEY coming from? 🙂
Why are our leaders so honorable and trustworthy?
Why do I feel so feminine?
Why do I trust people to be good and fair?
Why am I so desirable?
How’d I get so SEXY? 😉

What appeals to me about this is
a) It’s FUN.
b) It allows you to explore “What if” without your inner critic saying, “Yeah, right!”
c) You can be as serious or as light as you want to be and the ego doesn’t have to get involved in the process.
d) As a student of Sonia Choquette, I already have trust that my guidance is out there looking for the answers I seek, so this exercise has given them something to go out and look for for me and it’s done in a way that I don’t have to concentrate on it once I’ve released the questions.

I think he’s onto something. I can already observe the answers coming to me in many forms.
I’m grateful for the validation I’m experiencing.