I’m a big believer in affirmations for one simple reason:  they WORK!

I’ve adopted them from many sources, but where they come from doesn’t matter as long as they need to feel right to YOU.  I’m also a big fan of  the ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’ method.

The very first one I remember writing was:  Jim and I have a creative new purpose that provides us with more than enough to live the life of our dreams

It hung above my desk 5 years ago and I looked at it nearly daily.  Tried to imagine what that would look like.  Roughly 8 months later we both had new jobs in a new city with a 400% increase in resources and a whole new menu of experience available to us.  That did it-I was hooked.   Shortly thereafter I actually watched The Secret and learned a lot more about how to channel my energy into creating my experience.  The Secret and Louise Hay’s video, You Can Heal Your Life are both great tools to start creating change in your life.

A little over a year ago, I took a couple of hours and made an art project out of making some affirmations for my bathroom mirror; things to concentrate on while I’m brushing my teeth, doing my hair, putting on makeup, sitting on the toilet, you know…those times when multi-tasking is tough {wink}.  I got out my spiffy Sharpie colored permanent markers (it’s a really good excuse to buy them if you have a pen fetish like I do) and set about filling two 8.5 x 11 sheets of pretty stationery with the best affirmations I could come up with at the time.

I’ve given credit where I can remember the source and I’d like to share them with you here:

  • I Love You, Erika.  I really Love You (Louise Hay)
  • Only GOOD lies before me (Louise Hay)
  • I create MY reality (Louise Hay)
  • I bring Love to everything
  • I have a beautiful Purpose that provides me with Abundance in all things.  I am blessed
  • Only Love is Real.  I am surrounded by Love
  • I gladly release all extra weight from my body and the thoughts that create it
  • I am a published and successful WRITER 🙂
  • I am aligned with my purpose
  • I forgive and set myself free (Louise Hay)
  • I am grateful for my healing
  • I have a beautiful and rewarding relationship with myself
  • I am INSPIRED!
  • I am SMOKE-FREE!
  • I learn something new every day
  • I am safe ~ I am loved ~ I am free ( I found this on someone’s blog one night when I was stranded at the airport in KC in an ice storm)
  • New teachers come to me
  • I have plenty of time and energy to do all that I want to do
  • I am blessed in all ways.  I am so grateful for my blessings

As with any change, it can be scary to take that first step, even if it’s just thinking in terms of changing something.  You have a lot more power than you think in terms of your reality.  Use your power wisely and use care in how you word your wishes.  A new Beamer would be cool, but if you receive it through an inheritance from someone you’d rather be spend more time with that’s not such a good thing.  Let me know if you’d like more tips on framing and writing affirmations, I’ve had a lot of practice.  🙂

May the Force be with you 🙂