I did my first event with Marlene Marion (of Advanced EFT Healing Begins Now), Cord Cutting, last week and have experienced a large shift since then in many areas of my life.

I wrote out a letter of intention the evening prior, stating my willingness to release any attachments to old or negative thought patterns, fears, limitations, feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, jealousy, self-protective measures, addictions, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve my highest good, and the toxins they create in my body.  I also stated my willingness to receive healing, love, abundance, health, creativity and motivation and expressed my gratitude to the Universe and to Marlene for the opportunity to cleanse my energy fields.  I did a tapping session that evening, then placed the letter next to my bed under a chunk of amethyst and rose quartz.

During the session I felt big, cold goosebumps running up my right side, from the top of my foot to the top of my head, twice.  I also had some pain and discomfort in my lower back (sharp, stabbing, burning) and in my pelvic region (ache with a few pin prick type spasms).  It really did seem like we were in a time warp  😉  I felt like it had been going on for SUCH a long time and when I checked the clock only 16 minutes had passed.  I fell asleep after that and woke up 2 hours later feeling peaceful and much lighter.  For the next 3 days, I woke up with joint pain in my hips and lower back, but it’s dissipated now.  I drank a lot of water and remembered to express gratitude for my healing every time I thought of it.

I have had some interesting experiences since then regarding my judgment of other people, my own self-worth, and my sexuality.  It seems like it’s all been back-feeding and circling back around on itself, giving me insights to how I have operated in the past and I’ve had several synchronicities show up in conversations and events since then.  I feel like the past is honestly in the past, except as a mile marker now.  I feel much lighter and less attached to the outcomes of any of the problems that have been plaguing me lately and not as attached to my ‘story’, if that makes any sense.  I feel less a victim and more an explorer now.  There have been so many more REAL moments for me in the last 9 days than I can remember in the last several months, I feel clear and open and receptive, and very, very grateful for the peace that brings me.  I recommend her healing sessions to anyone with any issues they’re trying to overcome.

Thank you so much for what you do, Marlene.