You peeled me out of my self-judgment
You erased the memory of touch  and replaced it with bruising pain
You penetrated my resolve
Violated me with glee
Stole my inhibitions
And flung them away like trash
You felt nothing while I felt all of you
Every tease
Every stroke
Every twist
Brought me more fully out of my mind
And into my body, while you laughed
You took me to the edge of insanity
Burning me with your words
Branding me with your hands and mouth
While I teetered between Goddess and Child
You held my soul in your uncalloused hands
Forcing me to accept my new reality
And when I surrendered to what was
I was changed, immersed, reborn, renewed
Bruised, violated, submissive
But stronger somehow, and better
You met me there at dawn, the conqueror
Changed too, by the light of day
To the sweetness that was absent in the dark
And what I feel for you now is