How many times in your life have you acknowledged to yourself that your life has value?

Most of us rarely think about it, much less make a point of verbally telling ourselves what we bring to the table of humanity. For the most part, what we put on our resume is about as self-elevating as we’ll ever admit to and even then sometimes we’re not comfortable with how good we look on paper. Most of us are pretty humble when it comes to describing ourselves and our contributions to the world.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if, from the moment we came into this world the people on the OUTSIDE of us acknowledged the good on the INSIDE of us? What if we arrived on earth feeling wanted and expected and welcome right off the bat? And what if that feeling never changed and we went our whole lives knowing that we matter, that we bring something unique to the people we touch in the world, that we are deserving of the good things that happen to us? What would that be like?

A huge number of people living on this planet were the result of pregnancies not planned for, who came into this life unexpectedly, unwanted, unloved. Born in an undercurrent of fear and regret and feeling like a burden throughout their childhood. How many people do you know who feel undeserving, unlovable, unimportant, uninvited? How many people have you loved who didn’t know how to love you back, or couldn’t or wouldn’t accept your love?

Children have amazing intuitions. They know when something is not right in their home, they know when they’re loved and appreciated and they definitely know when they’re not. If you choose to have a child, make the choice to honor that child as well. Treat that child as if it matters, as if it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened to you, because likely it is. Make a point of verbally acknowledging the things you’re learning from your relationship with your child and all of the good things he or she brings to your experience. People need to know they MATTER. Save yourselves some heartache and therapy down the road. Love each other. You came here to be together. It’s never too late to heal some hurts.