I am a sunset over the ocean
I am cinnamon, espresso & cream
I am kisses, robin eggs, and red licorice
I am hyacinths, daffodils & buttercups
I am a blooming Russian Olive tree
I am rain on asphalt, a freshly mown field of hay
I am a child laughing and a baby sleeping
I am water over stones in a stream
I am Amazing Grace, InfinitE
I am rumpled covers, and soft moans
I am a whisper, a sweet kiss from my lover
I am calloused hands, and crows’ feet
I am smiling eyes and long lashes
I am a hawk circling overhead with a message
I am a pretty spring dress
I am tourmaline, aventurine, fluorite & amethyst
I am a wildflower, growing in a ditch along the highway
I am Legacy green and Paisley
I am a touch, a caress, a soft breeze
I am a field of sunflowers on a hot day
I am a winding dirt road
I am music
I am a cat purring, a candle in a darkened room
I am Joy, and Hope, and Forgiveness
I am lightning over the mountains
I am the sun, peeking through storm clouds
I am an old photograph, ageless
I am a fast car with beautiful lines
I am Freedom, Peace, Balance
I am a tattoo of dragons and koi
I am the Eye
I am paper, I am the pen
I am a kitten playing, a piglet running, a calf bucking
I am a child on a swing
I am the Spring and the Autumn
I am the wide, blue, cloudless sky
I am new growth and old tractors
I am the Mystery
I am fine chocolate and homegrown tomatoes
I am a soft place to fall
I am the sunshine on my back
I am wind chimes and tinkling bells
I am Orion and the Pleiades
I am the praying mantis
I am Pi, and Light, and Beauty
I am the sunrise, a spotted horse
I am pears in caramel sauce with cream
I am old barn wood, painted red
I am the holding of hands, the bonding principle
I am a partner, I am enough
I am leather and Ylang Ylang
I am a bedraggled daisy in fertile soil
I am compassion, anticipation, and sleep
I am waves crashing on rocks, a wizened old tree in a field of stone
I am a dragonfly, hovering over still water
I am cherished memories

I am Love