We start out in this life with so many options available to us.  As we move through our experience and we make choices, some of those options start to fall away.  Some of the things you accepted about yourself evolve and some of your choices teach you new things about yourself and how you relate to other people.  What used to feel true and familiar and right to you becomes something you want to reach beyond, to a new face of familiarity, something even more right, something that challenges you to grow into it and make it your new home, something transformative and magic.  Once you get a taste of the magic, nothing else comes close.  You can’t settle for where you’ve been before, you can’t be at peace with your former norm.  You leave your field of options behind you and focus only on those things that grab you by the soul and hurl you into the depths of the unknown.  No security, no lifeline, just you and your conscious creation of your new experience while the past burns in your wake and is resigned to be mere charred stepping stones to the you you are becoming.  Sometimes you linger too long in the past.  You get burned by your indecision, but the heat pushes you to a new level of understanding and peace and clarity and then you only go back to the scene of the fire for information, like an arson investigator searching for the cause, the flashpoint.  Once that information is available to you, you can’t delude yourself anymore, you save your game and you never go back to that level.   Only then do your options begin to expand again.