If I could say anything to the world, I would say I’m sorry. I apologize for the way the government of this country throws its weight around and runs roughshod over everything and everyone in its path. I’m sorry for the injustice that runs rampant in this land, and is perpetrated in yours. I’m sorry for the idiotic show we have every four years where the whole world watches us ‘elect’ a leader based on whatever ridiculous talking points they are allowed to argue on tv, which most of us don’t care about, and the winner of which is neither what we want, or what the world needs. I’m sorry that the corporations that start out here take their poisons, terrible business practices, and horrible working conditions to your countries because they are too cheap to pay Americans a living wage and clean up their acts like good citizens. I’m sorry you feel insulted by the bourgeois mentality that coats everything American abroad, I’m insulted by it too, embarrassed even. I’m sorry for the oppression, for the bullying, for the underhanded tactics, the lying media, the reality shows, the ‘heroes’ that are really criminals, the propaganda that tells you we hate you when we don’t, the idiots they put on tv, the uneducated jackasses that spew hate and filth at the rest of the world, the dirty cops, the inflation, the poverty that is hoisted upon the backs of the people by the politicians here who for the most part are paid by corporations to vote the way they do and don’t listen to us, no matter how much we protest, write, call or boo them in public. I know those decisions affect you too. We truly have no real representation in the government with very few exceptions. I’m sorry we’ve gotten too big for our britches here, and I’m sorry you all have had to witness what America has become, the decline in our values and integrity, the unconscious way our government acts, the way our people accept all of this without standing up for you or each other, the way we are no longer a nation of brothers, of acceptance, and honor, and Love. I apologize for what we have become. We no longer deserve the world’s respect as a free and open society, because we no longer are. I want you to know that most of what you see and hear about us in the media is lies, as I know most of what we hear about you is. I want you to know that even though the government of this country is corrupt and incorrigible, that most of the people here still have a soul, we still hurt when you hurt, we still believe that people are mostly good, and we still believe in the rights of human beings to live the way they want. We don’t agree with how the government pillages the rest of the world, we want our soldiers home and our families reunited, and we want these people to leave us alone in peace too. We don’t want these bailouts, we don’t want to support the government in their dealings with the banks, we don’t want to live under surveillance all the time, to pay out the nose for fuel or power just to live. We want to be free, we want to help the world, to keep it clean, to have healthy food for everyone, to be educated, to be compassionate, healthy, happy and creative. We are not our government, but it claims to represent us, and for how we are portrayed, I am deeply sorry. I hope that you can forgive us, and I hope we live to see a day when the current regime (of the last 60 years) has lost it’s power, our true government is restored, and we are all free from hate, bigotry, poverty, and the destruction that has come to represent the USA.
∞ NamasteImage