My heart goes out to all of us who are feeling this surge of ick.
So many of us are dealing with hardship, heartache, and upheaval right now. Please know that you are not alone. This storm is everywhere, affecting everyone. We are all being beaten up psychically, whether we recognize it as that or not. We’re being torn out of our comfort zones, coming face to face with our fears, leaving relationships that no longer serve us, dealing with loss, facing the deaths of people we love, worrying over financial issues… all of which makes it feel like the earth is constantly shifting under our feet. It’s unnerving, unsettling, and scary.

Some of us are questioning our sanity and some of us are trying to control the outcome with little success. We’re coming to face to face with our darkness, and questioning what that means when we’ve worked so hard to be in and of the Light. We feel like we’re failing in our purpose, failing others, failing ourselves, falling down. We’re questioning everything we think we know about ourselves and the world and coming up with more questions than answers. Some of us are learning to ask for, give, and receive help – and it’s hard. The breaks come few and far between, and we’re grateful when the storm sleeps, because we need that time to regain our balance.

For all of you that are experiencing this, please let me remind you to take care of yourselves. This is no ordinary storm. The tools you’re used to using to cope aren’t necessarily up to this task. Your bodies aren’t designed to withstand stress like we’re seeing now. Listen to your heart and your intuition. If you need to go inside yourself and be with your pain, do that. If your body wants to sleep, let it. If you’re struggling against something and some voice is telling you to let it go, do. If you’ve recently experienced a string of setbacks, give yourself time to catch up. These are big changes and uncharted territories. Don’t blame yourself for not being up to it, none of us are.

This is a massive flood on an emotional scale. We are being washed clean of everything that isn’t working. It’s happening very fast and it’s unearthing all kinds of things we’re not prepared to deal with. How could we be? But the good news is that we’re integrating, learning, and growing, even in our sleep. We’re mapping out a new course on a global scale. We’re learning humility, grace, forgiveness, and self-love. We’re learning to reach out and empathize with others, to share our pain, and in the process, transmuting it to Love and gratitude. We’re bonding. We’re moving through darkness and coming out stronger and better. This is what we came here for, it’s why we’re here now. This doesn’t last forever. Relief is coming. Do what you have to do to maintain, but give yourselves a break sometimes to be where you’re at in this changing landscape.Image Look around. It’s important that you FEEL this. Only by acknowledging your feelings do you release them and relieve yourself. Try not to run from them, or distract yourself with something (or someone) else. This is an inside job. This is YOUR storm, and as ugly as it looks, there is a gift in this for you somewhere. You’ll find it on the other side of this. You will be ok, probably more ok than you’ve ever been.

We are transmuting the darkness together, communally. We’re healing each other and the history of Earth. We are standing over and protecting each other with our Love and Light, each in turn, during this healing process.

If you know someone who is going through this alone, please light a candle for them and infuse it with your Love and best intent for their best outcome. It does make a difference. I will certainly do it for you if you’re struggling.

I love you people.