Blessing your food isn’t a silly ritual.

It’s an intention to your body to utilize exactly what it needs to function for your best and highest good.

It’s gratitude for the meal in front of you and honor for whatever life had to end in order for you to consume it for fuel and sustenance.

It’s being present with that knowledge, and humbled by it, and feeling blessed by it.

Chewing your food slowly (30 times a bite) ensures that you taste it and that it’s broken down well for your digestive system to process it easily.  That means less of it will be stored as fat, your organs won’t be taxed, and you’re more likely to enjoy your meal.  Try not to multitask when you’re eating, or eat in front of the tv or computer.

Eat when you’re hungry.  So many people look at their watch when you ask them if they’re hungry.  The watch has no way of knowing if you’re hungry or not.  Your body does.  Listen to it.  Besides tradition, there’s nothing that says we have to have three meals a day.  Your body will tell you when it’s time to eat and it will have a good idea of what it wants too.  Drink lots of water.  Most of us are chronically dehydrated, especially in the wintertime, and that’s mistaken for hunger.  Bless your water too.

Probably the best thing you can do for your body is eat food that’s been made with love.  The body recognizes that and integrates it, just as it integrates the anxiety and adrenaline of animals that are killed for food.  Blessing your food to your body mediates the negative and accentuates the positive for a healthier eating experience.