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Lo Siento

I wish English had a phrase like this…


‘Lo siento’ or ‘siento’

comes from the verb sentir (to feel or to sense)

It roughly translates to “I’m sorry” in English, but literally means, I feel or sense it. Can express regret as well.

I would much rather be able to say to someone hurting, “I feel you, my heart is with you, I sense your pain, and I regret the cause.” in one beautiful short meaningful phrase than our awkward, obligatory, and vague, “I’m sorry”.

We need a new word for that. Or we need to teach everyone Spanish.

Love this…


I was at work lamenting my impending birthday when a young man came up behind me and said,

“Is it your birthday today?”

“Not yet sweetheart, in a couple of weeks”

“Well how old are you going to be?”

I sighed…”Well hon, I’m going to be 40″…more sighing

And he said (drum roll please) “You don’t look 40! You look like sunshine!”

Oh, out of the mouths of babes. And just like that, 40 meant something entirely different than mid life and thoughts of botox. Never mind the smile on his face that could have easily melted the sun itself, it occurred to me that he wasn’t being a show boat, he was serious. He did not see 40 when he looked at me. He saw sunshine.

He didn’t try to convince me I looked younger or advise me he thought I looked older, he cast the numbers aside entirely…

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