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“Have you ever hoped for something? And held out for it against all the odds? Until everything you did was ridiculous? ”

~ Ali Shaw

“This is what I know about love, that it is tested every day, and what is not renewed is lost. One chooses either to care more or to care less. Once the choice is to care less, then there is no stopping the momentum of goodbye. Each loved thing slips away. There is no stopping it.”

~ Helen Humphreys, The Lost Garden

He:  You’re getting your wishes all over me
Me:  Damn right I am


If some kind stranger
Brought to your attention
That you were treading
Heavily on sacred ground
Would you heed the message?
Would you flip him off
Call him names, threaten his face
Jump up and down
Crushing life beneath your feet
And scream profane things
At the audacity of him?
Who the hell is he
To gently remind you
When you have overstepped
Yourself…as usual?

Or would you look around
In wonder and reverence
And step lightly away to the edges
So as not to further disturb
The ancient magic of this place
With your petty roughshod rage

Your mindless unconscious blathering

Your foolish arrogant misplaced pride

Your dirty feet…?

Would you apologize

Stare at the ground
Kick rocks
And consider for once
That this thing that you’ve desecrated
This silent holy place
Was never meant for the likes of you
And graciously FUCK OFF
Over there?

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