Every crossroads in your life – every – decision has natural consequences. The more data you collect by observing and learning, the better prepared you are to move in a direction that suits who you are and who you want to be.

This is no dress rehearsal, this is the Big Show. Your decisions carry weight in the outcome of your life. Do you want to like yourself? Do you want to go to bed at night with a clear conscience and a peaceful feeling that you’re doing the best you can, that you’re capable of handling what life deals you? Then make conscious decisions and stop living by default and letting other people, groups, politics, or religion set the tone and pace of your life. No one else is invested in your best outcome or knows you like you do. It has to be You. You have to want what’s best for you, or you’re giving your power away. Don’t complain about the direction you’re going if you’re handing someone else the keys at every crossroads. Take ownership of your life.