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I’ve smoked up all my cigarettes
Beneath the hazy moon
Read some things that made me cry
Reminded me of you
I know I’ve cried a bucket
And I bet you’ve got one too
Wish you could see
What I see, when I can see you

I’ve offered love and freedom
(Within reason) to your soul
You’ve traded it to build a cell
You hide up in that hole
Afraid that you’re not good enough
For all the world to see
You can’t locate your happiness
So your jailer must be me

You want the things that move me
To move in your soul too
But won’t allow you to believe
That YOU are worthy. You.
So you halt my spirit’s singing
With a word, a glare, a threat
And set about to clip my wings
So I can’t leave you. Yet.

You ask me to be happy
In your cage alongside you
You’re threatened by the slightest
Peek outside to see the view
Don’t want you to be lonely
So I sit in here most nights
Pining for my happy friends
And Joy and Love and Light

While you beat yourself against the bars
And poison up your mind
With news and views of imbeciles
With no love for mankind
I can only take so much
Your story isn’t mine
I won’t share your victim’s perch
You see, I’ve done my time

I’ve found a secret passageway
That exists inside my mind
With petroglyphs of a golden bird
Her long wings laced with fire
While right now she may be burning
In a white hot intense heat
She’s not inside a fucking cage
And holding her own key

~ E







I am a sunset over the ocean
I am cinnamon, espresso & cream
I am kisses, robin eggs, and red licorice
I am hyacinths, daffodils & buttercups
I am a blooming Russian Olive tree
I am rain on asphalt, a freshly mown field of hay
I am a child laughing and a baby sleeping
I am water over stones in a stream
I am Amazing Grace, InfinitE
I am rumpled covers, and soft moans
I am a whisper, a sweet kiss from my lover
I am calloused hands, and crows’ feet
I am smiling eyes and long lashes
I am a hawk circling overhead with a message
I am a pretty spring dress
I am tourmaline, aventurine, fluorite & amethyst
I am a wildflower, growing in a ditch along the highway
I am Legacy green and Paisley
I am a touch, a caress, a soft breeze
I am a field of sunflowers on a hot day
I am a winding dirt road
I am music
I am a cat purring, a candle in a darkened room
I am Joy, and Hope, and Forgiveness
I am lightning over the mountains
I am the sun, peeking through storm clouds
I am an old photograph, ageless
I am a fast car with beautiful lines
I am Freedom, Peace, Balance
I am a tattoo of dragons and koi
I am the Eye
I am paper, I am the pen
I am a kitten playing, a piglet running, a calf bucking
I am a child on a swing
I am the Spring and the Autumn
I am the wide, blue, cloudless sky
I am new growth and old tractors
I am the Mystery
I am fine chocolate and homegrown tomatoes
I am a soft place to fall
I am the sunshine on my back
I am wind chimes and tinkling bells
I am Orion and the Pleiades
I am the praying mantis
I am Pi, and Light, and Beauty
I am the sunrise, a spotted horse
I am pears in caramel sauce with cream
I am old barn wood, painted red
I am the holding of hands, the bonding principle
I am a partner, I am enough
I am leather and Ylang Ylang
I am a bedraggled daisy in fertile soil
I am compassion, anticipation, and sleep
I am waves crashing on rocks, a wizened old tree in a field of stone
I am a dragonfly, hovering over still water
I am cherished memories

I am Love

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blind Date

At a tiny Mexican diner in Denver, in December, eight years ago

We ordered carnitas and barbacoa then sat down with our chaperone.

I sneaked a look at you while you spoke to our mutual friend, engaging and earnest.

I listened to your voice, steady, assured, familiar.

I studied your hands and the lines on your face.

And pretended to be distracted by the tacos.

Glad I wasn’t meeting you alone.

When you did address me you appeared quite curious, intense and responsive

You looked me directly in the eye as if I were a real person with real value,

Not just a pretty face

As if who I was mattered to who you were

As if you were looking for something in me that matched something in you

And finding it

I had deliberately chosen my look for our lunch,

A blatant blend of curves, color and who cares?

In case you weren’t impressed

I hadn’t gone all out for nothing.

Except, your attention wasn’t drawn to the assets I was playing up.

And down.

There was no hint of a predatory penchant-

I knew how to be the prey

And I did not know what to do with this, it felt all wrong.

While I fumbled in my awkwardness, my nerves jangled, but you wouldn’t stop.

I joked to set myself at ease while I wondered why you’d agreed to meet me,

So oblivious to my most obvious charms.

I felt like a child with no answer when the teacher calls on him

Embarrassed and humbled by not knowing what this was

And then as if by chance, your foot barely touched mine under the formica table.

It could have been a mistake, something to excuse ones’ self for, but you didn’t.

As you held that contact, I realized that you knew.

That you could see my fear, my hope, my wounded child,

My self-loathing, my inner Goddess, my song, my soul

You understood and offered me support

So I would not lose me again.

You held me steady with your gaze until I met you at that higher place

Where we are both human.

In that moment I saw myself through your eyes

In all my lovely, imperfect wholeness.

Your soul peeked back at me and shyly asked for acceptance.

I barely nodded.

You finally cracked a smile

My heart flipped.  The armor shifted

You’re not blind.

At least not to me.

©  Erika Boyer January 28, 2009

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