A few nights ago I was writing in my gratitude journal with a couple of candles lit. I was pretty focused on what I was writing, but presently I became aware of the flame on one of the candles. It looked like it was beckoning to me, like a little crooked finger. The other candle (about twelve inches away) was doing no such thing. As I watched, it leaned toward me as far as it could and then stood straight up and started dancing and flickering. I asked it in my mind what it wanted. It stopped moving and stretched itself toward the ceiling and then started dancing and flickering again. I think it wanted to play. I asked it in my mind to bend backwards toward the window. it flickered for a moment and then it did! Then I said, “Come to me” and it bent as far as it could toward me, leaving soot on the edge of the jar it’s in. I asked it to move left and right, wherever I focused my energy and it would flicker for a moment and then it did as I asked. I asked it to be tall and it did. Then with my finger I touched one side of the square jar and it followed my finger, to the side, to the rear, above it, and to the front. I passed my finger through it twice and it billowed smoke towards the ceiling and huffed. I thanked it and blessed it and said goodnight, then it was as still and straight as the other until I blew them out and went to bed.
A new level of relationship.