People, we have to stop claiming this government.

It’s not “our” government. We have absolutely no bearing or influence on the decisions they make because they’re not asking for our input.  They let us vote on little things, things that don’t necessarily matter. All of the big stuff… no vote – they just pass it. They’re not our lords or masters, they’re a bunch of overpriced hookers for a lot of parasites with $$ connections. We have to stop claiming them or claiming responsibility for them, even in jest, in sarcasm or out of habit. They don’t care about us. We have no representation. They don’t want us to know how many constituents are calling and complaining, or how they’re being asked to vote by the citizens of this country. They used to tell us what our neighbors thought. Now they just project their talking points onto the tv screen to make us think our friends and neighbors are the enemy – and a lot of us buy it, going around huffing and puffing like a bunch of self-righteous pricks about the ‘liberal media’ and the ‘religious right’ … who fucking cares? Who labeled them? The TV. Two words – Paid Actors.  So running your face (or fingers) about these labels just proves you’ve been sucked into their fantasy. What’s better about that than being addicted to The Bachelor? You’re not making a difference, you’re still wasting your precious time on something that’s staged for ratings, and you’re alienating yourself from your peers and the people you care about. How is that WINNING? Fuck those guys.

Quit buying what they’re selling. Talk to actual people that you know… real human beings, your co-workers, your parents, your kid’s teachers, your fb friends. Quit using their buzzwords, quit lumping people together into groups of stupid. NONE of us are completely sold on every aspect of what these ‘parties’ claim to stand for – talk to people about real shit that matters. Make a statement with your dollars. Don’t support them or their corporate interests. If you do, don’t bitch.

These people in government have traded their humanity and integrity for a portfolio and a Get out of Jail Free card, they have ZERO accountability to the the actual citizens of this country – or any other country – CLEARLY. We can’t energetically support a system that does not benefit us, it’s insanity.  Every time we acknowledge one of these lowlifes we give them power.  It has to stop.  They’re only human, and they lack integrity, honor, compassion, and true purpose.  Their only job is to separate us from what matters and collect a check.  

These people are not fit to govern my life. I denounce everything they stand for.
I govern ME. This is not MY government.